If you get involved with anything in Cru, we would recommend discipleship. In Cru, we have weekly one-on-one or small group relationships where you will be mentored, built up, and challenged in your relationship with God. Our focus is helping you become a follower of Jesus who multiplies their faith.

Small Groups

Connect with Becky (becky.peterson@northwoodtech.edu) and/or Erica (erica.kufus@northwoodtech.edu for the most up to date information!

Get Connected

If you are interested in hearing more or getting in touch with people from Cru, please contact our club advisors! We would love to meet you virtually or in person!

Becky Peterson

becky.peterson@northwoodtech.edu Club Advisor

Erica Kufus

erica.kufus@northwoodtech.eduClub Advisor